Enabling A2DP on Windows Mobile 5 Phones

25 05 2007

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11 06 2007

can you explain if the download of this http://members.cox.net/syalam/zoa2dp_113.cab
has to be done on my computer or on my phone if possible advised on step by step instructions. I just want to be able to use my bluetooth headphones using my cingular 8125. I found your info. very helpful.

12 06 2007

Hi Herbert,
Thanks for reading my blog. Here are step by step instructions to get you started.
1. Download zoa2dp.cab to your hard-drive
2. Move it to your phone
3. Douple tap the file to install it on your PPC
4. Turn on bluetooth
5. Turn your bluetooth headphones on pairing mode
6. Under Bluetooth settings pair your headphones
Please let me know if you have any problems, I’m more than glad to help!

18 06 2007

Sheehan, thanks so much for making this so clear and easy. I recently purchased a bluetooth headset/earphone from Blueant knowing I would have to upgrade my HTC 8125 to support A2DP. My biggest frustration in the process was getting the cab file! A lot of talk about issues, etc. but no one put everything together so beautiful as this site. My A2DP is working perfectly no more than 5 mins after finding your site. Thanks so much!!

18 06 2007

Tim, I am glad to have been able to help! When I first got my headset, I too spent about a week trying to figure out how to enable A2DP – and it can be very frustrating!

19 06 2007

this was excelent thanks so much for finding and posting this little patch that let me keep my hair

19 06 2007

How can I tell if A2DP is working properly without owning a set of stereo headphones yet? I have an 8525 with the latest ROM. Can I assume it is enabled by default?

And while I am on the subject, is there a way to use a standard bluetooth hands free device to stream mono music through it from the device (without A2DP)?

19 06 2007

James – to check if you have A2DP enabled by default, make sure your ROM version is 2.3.x or higher. A2DP was part of the AKU3 ROM update from Microsoft, however some carriers disable parts of the ROM so that they can find ways to charge you additionally by signing up for their services.
As for your “stream mono music” through a regular bluetooth headset, it is possible, I’ve seen articles on it but have not tried it myself. The only setback with that, however, is streaming audio through a mono headset means an 11khz transfer rate, so basically the audio quality will be very poor and sending that much data might make things choppy as well.

22 06 2007

I realize Cingular 3125 is shipped with A2DP after installing your zoa2dp_113.cab. Is there anywhere I can uninstall it? Will it cause any problem if I just leave it there?

22 06 2007

Richard – simply remove the CAB like you would any file Start > Settings > System > Add/Remove. I wouldn’t think it would cause any problems by leaving it there, though I have not encountered this myself. Let me know how it goes.

25 06 2007

I found your website while searching for answers as to why my AT&T 8525 with A2DP will not stream music to my Motorola S9 bluetooth stereo headset. I have made sure that the “Wireless Stereo” service is checked, but it will only play about two seconds before ending, and even for those two seconds it is left ear only. I replaced the headset, but same problem with the new one. At&T insists that it is a headset issue, Motorola says it must be a phone issue. My instincts tell me it is the phone, but I was wondering if you had any suggestions…………..

25 06 2007

Wayne – I’ve never encountered the problem you are having, if you are able to check Wireless Stereo then that must mean A2DP is present on your phone, so it shouldn’t be a phone/software issue but you never know. Have you tried the CAB file on my blog? To check if the headphones are the problem, try pairing it with your computer and see if you are able to stream audio that way.

25 06 2007

I installed the program in my 8125, but when i choose my motorola h500 headset, the wireless stereo option cant be selected.

25 06 2007

Gabo – I’m sorry to inform you that the Motorola H500 does not support stereo sound or A2DP. You have a bluetooth headset, not a pair of bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones deliver audio at a higher rate (over 11khz) making it suitable for listening to music in stereo.

28 06 2007

Sheehan, I am from Germany and was looking since a long time for a solution to attach my T-Mobile MDA Compact III with my Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 via A2DP. So I was very happy finding your site. I just followed your “Installation instruction” and it worked perfectly. Thanks

28 06 2007

Christoph – thanks for the comments! I’m glad to hear that you’re making the most out of your device!

3 07 2007

I downloaded zoa2dp.cab to my phone and it doesn’t work. It says “this file is not supported. Please open the program and then open this file.” Please help!

3 07 2007

Hi, could you give me a few details about your phone? What is the make/model and which version of Windows Mobile are you running? Normally CAB files are supported natively inside of Windows Mobile so you shouldn’t have had any problems opening it. Also if you could tell me the exact steps you took to install the CAB that would be helpful as well.

7 07 2007

Hi, I’ve just installed your A2DP on my Orange SPV M3100 and I’m using a Jabra BT250v (obvously going to use mono). The partnership settings only gives me the “hands free” option, no stereo. Am I barking up the wrong tree. Thanks for any help.

7 07 2007

Fergie – Unfortunately A2DP only works with stereo headsets. I am personally using the Motorola HT820.

8 07 2007


Very helpfull site. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get your cab to work on my treo 700wx. I imported the cab to my phone then installed it. Since installing it “wireless stereo” now appears on the list of services from my bluetooth (sony dr-bt21g) headset but no music note on the titlebar. I can use the headset with stereo when paired with my computer but can still only use them for telephone “hands free” with the treo ( windows mobile 5). Any tricks to suggest? I have already reinstalled the cab and reset twice.



8 07 2007

Steve – I’m not really sure what could be wrong, it seems like you’ve gone through all of the right steps. Could it be the actual hardware is acting up? You might want to try A2DP with another headset just to make sure. A last chance effort, could be to perform a hard reset and re-install, but I don’t think this is necessary just yet.

10 07 2007

Hi sheehan.

I have an HTC monet (Lobster) and have app unlocked it and installed the zoa2dp.cab. It installed OK but I don’t get the hands free option with the headphones that I am using. These are the GEAR4 Bluphones.

do you have any ideas?


10 07 2007

Terry – you shouldn’t have any problems with the hands-free because that is automatically detected by WM5 even without the A2DP patch. You might want to test this out with a different pair of headsets and see if you might have a faulty device. A recommendation for a good bluetooth headset that I personally own is the Motorola HT820, it works as both an audio headphones and a handfree set.

10 07 2007

Hi Syalam,

Crikes, that was quick!

You are correct, IT WORKS!!

I was too hasty in reporting and on closer inspection found the way to set headphones up as wireless and hands free and Hey Presto – ‘Pulse’ booming through in STEREO.

(Well not quite booming, but passable:))

10 07 2007

I don’t normally chek blogs, but like many I arrived here thanks to google, and have a question to which i can’t find the answer:

I had a symbian S60 Nokia 6682 that I loved, and just moved to the 8525. With my nokia, music and movies and (most importantly!) ringtones played over the bluetooth headset, so i knew who was calling while my phone was in my pocket. With the 8525 it just bleeps. Any ideas?

10 07 2007

Jason – unfortunately with my experience, WM5 (haven’t used WM6) beeps when you are using your headset. However if you have A2DP enabled and a stereo headset then you will be able to hear your ringtone just fine through your stereo speakers.

11 07 2007

Hi syalam,
Good to hear that it worked for many. I have downloaded the cab from your site. Thanks. I am gonno try this today. would need your feedback. I use Samsung SGH i600 (aka Blackjack) with WM5 and Aliph Jawbone BT headset. Will this combination work?? I understand from Jawbone website that it supports music streaming (though mono). Please advise.


11 07 2007

Rakesh – from my experiences A2DP will only work on stereo headsets. To the best of my knowledge the Jawbone will not be able to so support music streaming as it does not have A2DP built into it.

11 07 2007


Hi, Me again with my treo 700wx. Still haven’t managed to get the A2DP working. Apparently Sprint and Verizon have come out with an A2DP patch for Treo phones but unfortunately I’m a Bell Mobility client. It tells me however that getting A2DP is possible with a Treo. Are you aware whether anyone has been able to use your program on a Treo?

By the way, I have a load of software not properly backed up on my device so I haven’t dared trying a hard reset

Thanks again for your feedback


11 07 2007

Steve – I have a friend of mine who is using a Treo 700w with Verizon and he got it to work. I would download the patch that Sprint and Verizon issued – unless its a ROM upgrade then you will have to hard reset your phone and have another carriers ROM on there. If you do decide to take this route, I may be able to direct you to some “home cooked” ROM’s that others have made which include a lot of functionality beyond the original ROM that shipped with your phone/

12 07 2007

I have the AT&T 8525 with the latest rom update. I am using the Plantronics 590A headset. I used to be able to listen in stereo but after the rom update I no longer receive stereo. Do you know if the rom update changed this? Wireless stero is still selected in the settings. I installed your cab file just to see if things would change but they did not.

12 07 2007

Jim – I am unfamiliar with the latest ROM for the 8525, but carriers are known to disable features so that they can profit from it. I’m not exactly sure why the CAB didn’t work for you. Did you try restarting your phone? When you are pairing the device are you able to get a stereo option?

12 07 2007

hi i also have a htc monet (lobster) but when i try to install the CAB it says :
installation was unsccessful. the program or setting cannot be installed because it does not have sufficient system permissions.

What Can I do ??

12 07 2007

Steve – you don’t have enough memory to install the program on your phone. You will need to uninstall some apps, or try installing it from a storage card.

16 07 2007
Jason keis

I have the ATT 8525 + Sony DR-BT30Q… when I hit the multifunction button on my bluetooth headset, it automatically brings up the Voice Dialer. I hear my mp3s for about 3 seconds and then it stops and my phone resumes playing mp3s via it’s speaker… Any ideas? I would like to get this to work so I can use the headset for handsfree and for stereo mp3 playback. Thanks.


16 07 2007

Jason – according to what Google is telling me, our headset does not support stereo. You will be able to get mp3 playback if you had a stereo headset. As I’ve mentioned to others I myself use the Motorola HT820 – it doubles as headphones as well as a headset.

16 07 2007

This headset does support stereo playback and hands free…

16 07 2007

Jason – you are correct after further investigation is indeed A2DP capable. Have you tried installing the CAB on this post? That should resolve the MP3 issues. By default Windows Mobile does not support an mp3 ringtone being routed to a headset.

17 07 2007

Hi I am trying to connect my bluetooth streamer to a Sony MEX-BT2500 everything works fine however it’s in MONO Any suggestions?
Cheers Ian

19 07 2007

Just like to say thanks, your app. worked fine on my Lobster700tv (aka. HTC Monet). The alternative was hacking the registry myself which probably would have ended in tears.

21 07 2007

thanx worked very well

21 07 2007

ps : worked om my orange m600

23 07 2007

Hey Syalam, I have not yet installed the cab file but i intend to. I can’t seem to find any information on the JAWBONE at all in reference to whether or not its A2DP compatable. I was wondering if you knew at all.

Thanks in advance

23 07 2007

unfortunately the jawbone does not support A2DP =( it is a headset not headphone.

25 07 2007

I downloaded the file : http://members.cox.net/syalam/zoa2dp_113.cab
to enable my Jabra BT 250 headset to receive music from my Treo 750 running windows mobile 5.0 The download an install was a breeze however when i rebooted the 750 and paired my BT 250 there still was no option for the
“wireless stereo” The patch did not work. is there something I left out or I missed during the install?



25 07 2007

sws56 – the jabra is a headset not headphones. You will need to pick up a pair of A2DP enabled headphones.

25 07 2007

Yes I understand that. I actually have had the BT 250 working with music and mobi TV for about 15 to 20 seconds but it shuts off after that period of time. I heard there was a A2DP software for the BT 250 to cure this issue. Having a mono ear is perfect if a person just wants to listen to mobi TV wuth our the large size of the stereo headphones.

26 07 2007

Hi Syalam

Sorry take so long to get back to you. Thanks for your help, great site.

30 07 2007

Hi Syalan,

Your blog is very useful. I just wonder if it works with Dopod 818 Pro or not? Thanks a lot


30 07 2007

Thanks for the comments PBL! It should work with the Dopod 818 Pro with no problems since it runs WM5! If you have WM6 then you already are graced with A2DP =).

30 07 2007

does it work with Dopod 818 pro?

30 07 2007

Thank you very much Syalam. I do love it. *^_^*

1 08 2007

thanks for tips 🙂

2 08 2007

Hi I am from India, i have a Dopod D600 and a Jabra Bt250, i cannot hear the ringtone in my headset. can only hear beeps. Can you help me on this.

4 08 2007

I have been trying all sorts of things with a hp rx4240 to get it going with blueant x5 a2dp headphones, with no luck. all I can get it to do is recognise them as a headset and do nothing with them I have tried you cab and also a to_a2dp.bab, any help would be great.. I know rx4240 doesn’t have a2dp stack but I thought the cab enables it ?? Thanks…
Keep up the good work

5 08 2007

I have cingular 8125 with anycom-HS777 bluetooth headset..But I’m not able to activate thisA2Dp on my phone.actually after downloading the file I’m not able to open it.Its just an .XML file/script..whenever i try & open it..please guide

7 08 2007

i manage to install the CAB file successfully and paired with my dell axim x51v. however, i only get to listen to a split second of mp3 & it’s gone. the connection is still there coz i can here the “click” sound when i tab my stylus on the pull down menu. btw i’m using a motorolla S9. anyone encounter such problem?

13 08 2007

Hi there I wonder if anyone could help me please I have a vpa II ( running windows mobile 5 ) and have a standered bt bluetooth headset that works ok for phone calls but I cant get it let me lisen to music though it dose anyone know if there is some more patches like the one at the begining of this thread that could fix that problem (( THANKS ))

P.s sorry if there any spelling mistakes as its 5:00am lol

14 08 2007

This is great. Did it on a Sprint PCC6700! Thanks!!

14 08 2007

Brother thank you very much now is diferent work real good or perfect wirh my cingular 8125 and my motorola bluetooth s9 headphones you `re the best thank you again.

16 08 2007

You are really a life saver.. I bought the S9’s and the 820’s and neither one of them would work until i found this patch. Thanks alot man, you just saved my girlfriend alot of money by not having to buy me a new phone…lol

24 08 2007

Verizon Treo 700W Soft version 1.02. I cannot find an update anywhere that works. Can someone send me a link to a cooked rom or a flash that I can update my phone to? I’m pressed. I have both an S9 and HT820 that are useless with this phone. I hate to switch back to my Moto Q

27 08 2007


so you also have a way of putting in the AVRCP profile onto a PPC-Phone with WM5?

coz i’d like to make use of a stereo bluetooth headset on it.


30 08 2007
  zoA2DP: Free utility to enable A2DP Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Streaming Profile on Windows Mobile 5 by Tech[dot]Blog

[…] zoA2DP is a freeware utility to enable A2DP Wireless Stereo bluetooth profile on your Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) is a bluetooth technology that allows streaming of stereo sound to a bluetooth headset wirelessly. Sometimes, mobile carriers or operators disable these features before shipping a device. Windows Mobile 6 device has inbuilt support for A2DP Bluetooth profile by Microsoft. […]

2 09 2007

HI, I am using O2 Xda stealth. I want to know whether this software if installed in my Mobile will be useful? Also if i am using some blue tooth stereo headset then will this work by playing music and also receiving and making calls as well using any device along with listening to music? I also want to know what Blue tooth stereo headset can be used for O2 Xda Stealth. Eagerly waiting for your reply.

2 09 2007

AVRCP is supported in this CAB, I use it all the time to control my tracks at the gym

You can use this CAB to listen to music and have it switch to voice when a phone call comes in, and go back to listening to music once your call is over, its the beauty of A2DP =).

For all problems related to installation, please read through the comments since I have answered them in the threads.

7 09 2007

Hi i am using O2 Xda II mini.
It has a windows mobile 3.
could you help..
i tried installing the software , it got installed but doesn’t seem to work..
any ideas.

12 09 2007

ok when i am playing music if i hit the voice button i can hear my music playing on my hs-530 blue tooth head set. i have the HTC 3125. is there a way to trick the phone or w.e. to stay in that mode?. its not “awsome” quality but it works…

13 09 2007

Hi Syalam. Thanks for putting this site together, its very enlightening! I had a good read through ur blogs, but I can’t quite see a response that fits my issue. I have an XDA mini S, I successfuly installed the cab from ur site, and was able to tick the Stereo option. But, after a soft and a hard reset, I still don’t have the music icon in the task bar, and no music plays through my BT headphones. They are Motorola HT820s. Any thoughts? I was told by someone in an 02 shop that my XDA mini doesn’t support stereo and it wouldn’t work- yet I am able to tick the stereo option now that A2DP is installed. Do you know if it the Mini S will ever play music through the headphones? It works fine for making phone calls via BT. Any thoughts on settings, patches etc that I can use to get it working. Any help is mucho appreciated. Thanks, Mat

13 09 2007

What a fool. Figured it out. I went back into my BT settings, and right clicked on the EXISTING Motorola HT820 BT connection and RIGHT clicked it, and selected ‘set as wireless stereo’. I needed to do this despite having ticked the wireless stereo box when I first set up the connection. The icon then appeared in the task bar, and Dandy Warhols sand to me! Hope that helps someone! Mat

18 09 2007

I have a Dell Axim X50v, which loaded fine. I can’t get it to work.
I have a UTStarcomPPC6700 which also loaded and works, but is distorting & playing a 1/2 speed with my Sonorix Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with builtin MP3 player. Works great with my Dell laptop!

Any insight you could give?

Thanks so much…

19 09 2007

You’ve made me very happy!!! Cheers syalam.

26 09 2007

Hi Syalam,
Just wanted to add my thanks for your little program. I have a Cingular 8125 and was disappointed that my new Moto S-9 headset didn’t do anything but give me phone calls in my left ear. Now I happy have streaming audio to both ears!

Again your little program just rocks!

30 09 2007

Thank you very much for the file. Worked perfectly. The AT&T website said the Motorola SA9 stereo headset I bought was compatible with HTC 8125 but then I couldn’t get it to work, however, when I called for support then eventually told me that the 8125 was stereo compatible but I might find a 3rd party file on the net, which might work. I googled and found your site. The only additional info I would add to the instructions is that after transfer the cab file from the hard drive to the mobile phone the double click need to done through mobil phone and not double clicking through the PC windows explore. I first did it through WE and wouldn’t lauch but once I executed through the phone’s explorer it installed.

Thanks again,


2 10 2007

i using a dopod 828+wwe,tried using this a2dp couldn’t pair it to my sterieo headset but it says de same old think,i can onky jst hve call conversation over that.
so could u plz help me.thxs

7 10 2007

hi there,

thanks for providing this file here.
I have installed it and it provides the stereo headset tick box when pairing but the quality is horrible. any high frequency stuff sound very bad, it sounds very heavily compressed.

I also have a wizard (xda mini s) with the ht820 948D variant.

is this the case with you too?
any ideas?

7 10 2007

I’ve got an HT820 not sure if it is a variant or not, but it is a Motorola product. The high frequencies could be a bad headset unit.

21 10 2007


I, too, must add my sincere thanks for a clear and concise A2DP solution. I just bought stereo b/t headphones and at first I was pretty upset about not being able to use them with my PDA.

But the manual said something about A2DP and a Google search brought me here.

Now I can enjoy my purchase.

Thanks again!

22 10 2007
Ernest Basarah


I have O2 XDA IIS and I just bought the motorolla S9 bluetooth stereo headsets. It works only for taking calls but i could not listen to mp3 files from windows media player, could you give solution to this? I greatly appreaciate it, thank you!

Ernest Basarah

25 10 2007

I have the Qtek 9100. windows 5 . I installed the cab and now it gives the option for headphones. even when i select headphones with my stereo headphones, it still doesnt send the signal. Is there something more I need to do. I set the bluetooth settings. opened media player but the sound comes out of the telephone. It doesnt transmit it to the headphones. It only transmits it if I try to make a call.

28 10 2007

I have 2 questions
1. I have the jabra 8010 and music goes for a while then skips out.. then comes back. its like its losing its bluetooth connection then coming back. Annoying when listening to music.

2. Can I install wm06 on a qtek9100?

31 10 2007

I have an SPV C550 (HTC Hurricane?) which has Windows Mobile Standard (Smartphone) 2003 Second Edition and Bluetooth 1.1
I know it doesn’t support A2DP by default and am trying to find an app that I can install to make it work, but most seem to be WM5. Is this true for zoa2dp_113.cab ?
I got the following message when installing it: “failed to install on your device”. The phone is app unlocked.

If this doesn’t work, any suggestions what might?
Many thanks

31 10 2007

Actually I tried again and got a different message: installation failed. The program or setting cannot be installed because it is not digitally signed with a trusted certificate. Any ideas?

31 10 2007
Nicolai Mathiasen


I have tried the zoA2DP on my o2 xda exec with newest rom. At first it seems to work really well. However, when a phonecall has ended it crashes. It seems to work first time i have a phonecall, but ends the call very slowly. Next call, then it crashes at the end.

I use mortplayer with it.

Otherwise there is no problems what-so-ever.

7 11 2007
Tony Goggin

Hey, I just thought I’d let you know that this worked great with my Sprint PPC-6700 and Motorola S9 Headset. Thanks for publishing this, I was turning the internet on its head looking for an answer.

13 11 2007
Computer und wie sie unser Leben ‘vereinfachen’ » Aktivierung von A2DP und AVRCP (wireless stereo audio auf WM5 PPCs)

[…] Problem kann durch Installation des unter https://sheehantu.wordpress.com/2007/05/25/enabling-a2dp-on-windows-mobile-5-phones/ angebotenen Patches behoben werden. Dadurch wird das “wireless stereo” Profil aktiviert […]

16 11 2007

hi there!
I installed the cab on my I-mate jama, a 300mhz & dell axim 51 416 mhz. paired with orchid stereo headset. I can hear sounds intermittently. is mp3 bit rate a problem? phone functions are normal otherwise. headset working well with desktop.

27 11 2007
Dar Devy


I bought the motorola s9 headset to be used with my dell axim x50v but the sound only comes out on one side of the headset even though the music is in stereo. Does anyone have any solution to fix this problem at all?


28 11 2007

is this software still available somewhere/ The link provided seems to be dead.

29 11 2007
Dar Devy


I got a motorola s9 bluetooth but I couldn’t get it to work with my Dell axim x50v. The stereo sound only comes out on the left side. Is there any fix for this problem for it to work on both sides?


16 12 2007

I just got a Palm Treo 700wx with WM5 (that already have a2dp) and a Sony a2dp bluetooth stereo headset. The phone calls were in stereo but the windows media player was not playing the songs in stereo (were only playing on the right side). Then I installed the software zoa2dp_113.cab and after that my media player start working fine! The bluetooth screen looks exactly the same, but this time works!

The link were I got the file:

Thank you guys! You saved my life!

20 12 2007

Dear syalam
I cannot downlaod this patch–CN U PLEASE EMAIL IT TO ME

20 12 2007

Hi.. i tried downloading zoa2dp_113.cab
with http://members.cox.net/syalam/zoa2dp_113.cab
But link is not working on my computer.. can you please help me????

30 12 2007

I got it working after 20 hours.
My Bluphones are now working on my macbook pro and on my win XP sp2 as I am using two systems on one machine.
My Bluetooth USB dongle ( Tevion ) ( bought in Ireland in supermarket for 9.99EUR ), Drivers downloaded using utorrent from google ( WIDCOMM )
Process was a little complicated but got it working. I guess reason is that there is no ”universal” drivers available for different BT devices and Windows BT does’t seem to work with A2DP. There is no easy way to get a proper drivers.

I did :
Go to start > All programs > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager now get to Bluetooth Devices or Bluetooth Radios ( depence on your system )
and disable Microsoft Bluetooth ( do not uninstall, just disable )
Now I did downloadad application called Utorrent ( this application make possible for me to download source of drivers, yes drivers as I still needed to find out which driver will support my Bluetooth ( but that is not big problem )
Ther is a package of Drivers called WIDCOMM BLUESOIL COLLECTION 407MB of divverent versions drivers for BT.
you can get it here:


I did try around 12 different drivers and no one seems to work ( ok one did see my BT device that was it but kept saying that there is something missing … )

Finally driver: Widcomm start working perfectly.

Just after download all package unrar file ( copy it to your desktop – or your location ) and install it. This driver is working with TEVION Bluetooth and Bluphones ( on WIN XP SP2 ) ( to use Bluphones on Mac I did not need to use BT Dongle as Mac found Bluphones pretty quickly – Mac )

Ok now after all process you should see blue icon on your right hand corner bar.
You should also have new Bluetooth location on your system
called My Bluetooth Places
anyway this icon is white until you get your headset paired.

(Pair headset) To do that: you will need follow instructions from headset manuals.

Now you can go to Start > All Programs > Control Panel >Sounds and Audio Devices and you should have a choice under Audio ( field in Sound and Audio Devices Properties )
you choose bluetooth audio.
At this stage you should be able to test your hardware (microphone only for now ) under Voice > Test Hardware
( fields in Sound and Audio Devices Properties )
ok you changed devices to Bluetooth audio simlpy hit apply.

Now you can simply right click on Bluetooth icon in right hand corner and hit “Quick Connect>Headset..”
Alternatively Go to Start>All programs>My Computer> (under Other) right click “My Bluetooth Places” >Gear… (again right click) Connect .

After pairing Bluetooth icon in right corner should change color to green (inside BT logo )

now you should be able to start playing around with your Bluphones and your audio,VOIP.

Good luck.

16 01 2008

I updated my palm treo 750wx from sprint but im not sure if a2dp is enabled how can you check. Also i tried to download your link but it dosen’t work.

4 02 2008

Will this fix allow for my iPAQ hx2755 to play audio from my Windows Media Player on a Sony Bluetooth-enabled car audio receiver?

Thank you.
David Smith

13 02 2008

the link to the a2dp patch does not work can u put up a link that works

17 02 2008

Hi, I have an HTC Galaxy aka Pharos 525. I have edited my registry to get the hands free and stereo headphones services to appear, but alas they did not function even after being checked. I stumbled onto your site and installed the cab in hopes to get them working but, no luck. I have a Jabra bt8010 which is supposed to do both headset and stereo audio. My friend tested it on his computer to hear the quality, and it was pretty decent. I am a little angry at HTC for making products and then not supporting them. My rom version is 1.00.09 and I have no idea if I can even get an upgrade. Funny thing HTC won’t even admit it exists on their website, because it is not a phone, only a wm5 ppc with gps. Any idea how to get it to work?

8 03 2008
27 03 2008
james m walter

I need a2dp for my phone I have the t-mobile sibekick slide pl help me fine it ty

5 04 2008

does this install include the avrcp update? i think i need that to actually control my device ( plam treoo 700wx) with my blue tooth head phones (motorola s9)
i have installed the patch…but still no music note icon…even though i have checked the wireless stereo option…still havent been able to get my headphones to stream music…. gonna try a hard reset when i get home
wish me luck.. and thanks for this site it has been helpfull

26 06 2008

good post !

8 07 2008

I have a Orange SPV C600 running Mobile 5. I want to buy one of the new Jabra SP700 Speaker phone as you can stream to you car stereo. I think this phone has A2DP enabled. Let me know if you need Versions/Rom

18 07 2008

Just a note of thanks. I have an xv6700 (Verizon Wireless rebrand of an HTC) and was very sad at christmas to get some motorola S9’s and realize that the crappy BT stack had no A2DP. Just recently VZW/HTC released AKU3.3 for it and it included A2DP! Hooray!

Except, it only played for 3 seconds. Any media app, WMP or TCPMP etc, would open the file, play for 2-3 seconds and then go mute. Google found Wayne’s 2007 post and I tried your CAB file (although the link is 404 now but someone else had it) and, BLAMMO! A2DP works fine. Thanks and here’s hoping that google will let this reply be helpful to the next ‘me’.

7 08 2008

Awsome. I was able to pair my Motorola S9 stereo headset to Cingular 8125 and get the stero music. The key is paring should be done after soft reset only


1 09 2008

i tried this on my imate jama, with sony DR-BT20NX Headset, but no response, still mediaplayer is playing through phone speakers, will you please advise me on this regard


27 09 2008

Hi. I have at&t 8525 with windows mobile 6 and Sony car stereo MEX-bt2600 and i just cant pair my cell phone with the car stereo. Do you know why ?
Have some suggestions of whats going on ?
Appreciate your help. Thank you in advance. Ana

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