Frostwire – Best P2P Client for Linux

26 05 2007

I previously wrote about Deluge being the best bit-torrent client, but for searching for individual media Frostwire suits my needs. Frostwire is an open source P2P client that resembles the populare Limewire with one catch – NO SPYWARE. aMule or GTK Gnutella didn’t fit the bill because it wasn’t as reliable as Frostwire. This is due to the fact Frostwire is connecting to the same network as Limewire which I found to be better.

The Frostwire team has released a Debian package for us Ubuntu users, so install away!




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18 07 2007

How is it not Spyware if it’s based on the same code as that of Limewire, considering that Limewire qualifies as spyware according to CA Anti-Spyware?

18 07 2007

Frostwire does not contain any rootkits, ads, or monitoring software as it has been stripped out. Limewire bundles this with their software because they use it to target ads to you so they make money. Frostwire is donationware.

23 07 2007

Your comments regarding LimeWire are either intentional FUD or pure ignorance. LimeWire does not contain any spyware. It just shows that CA Anti-Spyware isn’t worth one cent. If you think that kind of software can protect your PC, there’s no hope for you anyway.

21 11 2007

Frostwire is for Linux why are you even talking about Spyware here? Even if spyware were to get onto a Linux box it would sit there and do nothing. The only thing that would threaten a Linux box through a client like this was if someone deliberately downloaded a rootkit specifically designed to attack their particular brand of Linux. Most linux distros like SUSE have active and passive firewalls with apparmor to combat even the most powerful attacks. Most Linux users are not that stupid otherwise they would not be using Linux. Even if I ran Kazaa on Linux though wine there would be no threat whatsoever. If hackers were trying to steal your Linux system they would not do it though a silly P2P network. Drop your stupid windows and take the time to learn Linux I’m a complete dumb ass and I learned it with no help once you get the concepts and the lingo it makes a lot more sense than windows. I laugh at the struggles of windows users, if you are too stupid to use Linux get a Mac. A system built on a firm Unix foundation. You can run a modern Linux system on an old hand me down computer!! with a few teaks of course. I am now going to download frostwire and download all this free freakin music without worrying about spyware or viruses.

2 12 2008
Hi fi

ignorant words, those of yours.
Gtk-gnutella and amule run on the gnutella network, a limeware and frostwire.

Eat some diminutive richard, lamer.

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