Google Maps For Your Mobile Phone

5 06 2007

Google has released a new verson of its maps software for mobile devices. It now includes GPS (if you have an external, or built into your chipset), as well as real-time traffic data. Now when you’re on the go and can’t decide which pizza joint you want to eat at, Mobile Google Maps will tell you which routes are crowded along with multiple options so you and your buddies can fight over where to eat.

What more could you ask for? Maps, directions, gps, real-time traffic data, and a business directory all on your phone. Users beware: do not use this application while driving.


Windows Mobile Users – just download and install the CAB. It should show up under Programs. For non-WM  users, Google offers the software as a midlet, so if you’re device is Java ready check out



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2 07 2007
Get the iPhone’s Features Without an iPhone « sheehantu

[…] If you have a Java enabled phone (almost all phone’s nowadays do) check out my review of Google Maps for Mobiles. It has the same features, minus the multi-touch. Point your web-browser to […]

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