HOW TO: Write to NTFS Drives in Ubuntu

8 06 2007

Ubuntu by default can mount NTFS drives but does not support writing to them. However, there is a driver in the universal repositories called ntfs-3g which allows you to mount NTFS drives as well as write to them – making dual-booting Windows even sweeter:

“sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g ntfs-config”

ntfs-3g is the driver that lets you write to NTFS drives, where ntfs-config is the GUI tool which should appear under Applications > System Tools > NTFS Configuration Tool that allows you to select if you want an internal or external device to be writeable.




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20 06 2007

I think that ntfs-3g on Ubuntu has already an ability to writing NTFS partition. But it wasn’t automatic and we should mount it manually by CLI.

21 06 2007

The default installed driver on Ubuntu 7.04 is the Linux-NTFS release. Which has no write capabilities by default.
ntfs-3g is a branch of the later that evolved faster to the goal of being able to safely write to a NTFS partition. The Linux-NTFS driver had many goals to concentrate only on that one. Now work done on ntfs-3g are being merge back to Linux-NTFS.

So, on current Ubuntu, you need to install ntfs-3g to be able to write to NTFS disks. But it is not mandatory to use the command line (CLI). As advised on the post above, if you install ntfs-config, you can activate writing on NTFS disks using a nice and ultra-simple graphical user interface (GUI).

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