Glipper – A Real Clipboard For Ubuntu

29 06 2007

Glipper is a very handy tool to have in your toolbox. It maintains a clipboard history of everything that you’ve copied. So say I copied something from and also copied some text from – with Glipper I can easily insert both copied text. Normally the latter material that was copied would have overwritten the former but a clipboard history solves this problem. Some Ubuntu users might also cringe at the fact the clipboard is cleared everytime an application is closed. So if I copied a URL from Firefox, and wanted to paste it into gedit, but closed Firefox, my copied URL is now gone because the clipboard was cleared. Glipper maintains all of your copies so you don’t have to worry about these little quirks anymore. Glipper is in the universe so you can search for it in Synaptic and install or if you’re a term kind of guy like me:

“sudo apt-get install glipper”



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30 06 2007

Nice app! Thanks!

30 06 2007

You should try out gClip, it is sweet, small and more powerful clipboard manager.

5 07 2007

Years ago there was something on Windows or maybe WordPerfect called the ‘spike’ as I recall. Same basic idea. It rocked. You hit something like ctrl-j instead of ctrl-c and the selected whatever was appended to the clipboard instead of replacing it. I loved it. You could go through a long text and highlight a short section, spike to clipboard, find some other clip, spike it, etc., and then hit ctrl-v and insert the collected whatnot in one fell swoop. Such a great idea but somehow it disappeared and I’ve lamented it ever since.

Anyway, can’t wait to try this out. Linux comes through again.

3 10 2008

1. do I need to restart my computer for this to take effect ?
2. what should do to make it run, automatically when I boot ubuntu ?

2 12 2008
Valentine Aaqil Mahmood


no, add that to your panel.

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