Wine Doors – Package Management For Wine Apps

10 07 2007

Wine lets you run Windows apps in Linux by having you manually install them as if you were actually in Windows. Who says you can’t install these apps Linux style? Wine Doors is a package manager for Wine applications. Thats right, you can grab your favorite Windows applications from a repository and install them exactly the way you would in Ubuntu. Wine Doors has a pretty snazzy list of software ranging from Dreamweaver 8 to Call of Duty 2 to satisfy both professionals and gamers.





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10 07 2007

Now that’s pretty neat. I’m surprised they haven’t gotten any heat for what looks like pirating COD2 and Dreamweaver.

10 07 2007

Were you able to get this to work? It just sat there “downloading” dreamweaver for like 5 minutes for me.

10 07 2007

Stephen – As far as Dreamweaver 8 goes, the full install is readily available, you need a valid serial key to activate it. I haven’t tried COD2 I figured my system wouldn’t be able to run it, but if you’ve tried it let me know how it runs!

12 07 2007
Steven Richardson

Sounds great! Being a Linux newbie, however, I am looking for the easiest implementation I can. As I understand it, Wine would have to be installed on my system, then Wine Doors overtop of that. Does Wine come with the latest Ubuntu distro (Feisty Fawn)? I am using Edgy Eft and have not seen it on the panel menus, although I might be just missing it. If so, how easily does Wine Doors download and install with a package manager? Just like any other app, or because it is a package manager itself, are there more steps? Thanks!

12 07 2007

Steven – Ubuntu is a great distro for the Linux newcomer, I came with a 15 yr Windows background. Wine does not come with Ubuntu, but it is in Add/Remove… just search Wine and you should be good to go. Wine Doors is as easy to use as the Add/Remove utility in Ubuntu, except instead of installing it on your system it installs it in your Wine directory. It runs just like any other Linux app. I hope this has answered some of your questions!

12 07 2007
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26 07 2007

I have question about that, can I connect internet if using apps like messenger on wine?

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