Wake Up and Smell The Concrete – You’re Using Open-Source

11 07 2007

I would like to point out that no matter which operating system you may be using, we all have reaped the benefits of open-source. Believe it or not, there is a little bit of free software goodness in all of us:

Windows Users

  • I’d say browsing the internet is a must these days. Did you know that the TCP/IP stack in Windows is based off of the original code that was licensed by BSD?
  • Firefox is clearly gaining new ground on Internet Explorer’s turf. The Mozilla Foundation is all about the open-source baby.

Mac users

  • The entire OS X operating system is based off of the Darwin kernel which, surprise surprise, is a UNIX variant.
  • KHTML is the engine that renders web-pages in Safari. Yup, another gift given to you by the free software foundation.
  • Have you ever printed out a report on your Mac? You just used CUPS which is the Common UNIX Printing Service.
  • Apple has plans to ditch Microsoft and go completely with Open Office in the near future. It just feels better to be using open standards no?

Linux Users

  • Do you even have to ask? The entire operating system and included applications are all open-source.

The Web

  • Whenever you visit a website like Digg the content is automatically updated and generated for your viewing pleasure. Chances are its running on the LAMP stack – Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP, check check check and check for open-source.
  • Google is my best friend. They also run Linux clusters so you get your search results in under a second.
  • Developers pay attention, Java is the most popular enterprise platform, and Sun just opened up its source for our hacking pleasure.
  • Whenever you blog on WordPress, or Drupal just know it was built using open source tools, and licensed under the GNU.
  • When I want information I go to Wikipedia. Wikipedia runs off of the open-source software MediaWiki which is also under the GNU.

Electrical Devices

  • Intel based computer’s have open source drivers. This means compatibility for everyone.
  • Set-top boxes like TiVo are using open source software to get you goodness on the big screen. MPlayer anyone?

As you can see open-source is all around us. The points I have mentioned are nowhere near the extent and true caliber of what open source delivers to us on a daily basis. Please enlighten me with your thoughts.



5 responses

11 07 2007
Nagarjun V

You can add Open office to the list of windows software also.

12 07 2007

“Google is my best friend. They also run Linux clusters so you get your search results in under a second.”

The guys over at Google also use Ubuntu for their desktops.

12 07 2007

mount – Google indeed does use a special version of Ubuntu for their desktops. Andrew Morton, one of the Linux kernel maintainers is also a full-time Google employee, he gets paid to work on the kernel.

13 07 2007

Wow i didnt know all that stuff….. Google really is a my best friend for all my needs when researching articles i use google and it sure helps. Linux the way ahead

4 05 2008

by the way the new rendering engine for safari is webkit, but webkit is a variant is also a variant of khtml. if you just google webkit the first link is for webkit.org. This is the more updated form of safari in the fact that when you launch it safari is on the toolbar and the project updates the program ever 1 or 2 days. The great thing about this version of safari is that it is the only browser that passes the acid 3 test. If you are a mac user than you simply download the dmg and copy the webkit.app to the application folde, on the other hand, if you are a windows user you have to download the source and compile it your self by downloading visual studio express and some other programs.

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