What is LAMP?

16 07 2007

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16 07 2007

To clarify: The P in LAMP also refers to Perl, as it is the ubiquitous language of UNIX-like systems’ administration.

16 07 2007

Bleys – good catch! The P can also stand for “Programming Language of Choice” as you are not limited to PHP. Perl and PHP are just some server-side languages that can be used. The M for MySQL can also be replaced with another DB solution like PostgreSQL.

17 07 2007

I use FAMP 😉 FreeBSD + Apache + MySQL + PHP

23 07 2007

The Cost analysis for windows is inaccurate in terms of number of users. The CAL (Client Access License) refers to authenticated users or file sharing / concurrent users. The number of users that can use the website it not limited.

11 09 2008
Setting up LAMP in 5 Minutes or Less « sheehantu

[…] explained in an earlier post what exactly the LAMP stack is, and how it is powering web applications on the internet. Setting it up is pretty quick and dirty […]

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