iEatBrainz – Automatically Tag Your MP3 Library By Sound

1 08 2007

Sure there are plenty of MP3 tagging programs out there. Most of them even check Amazon or Google and fix your tags for you. What sets iEatBrainz apart from the rest is that it actually submits your track to the EatBrainz music database and verifies you have the right song. It does acoustic sound matching so if you have an mp3 cryptically titled 01.mp3, iEatBrainz will figure out its really Black by Pearl Jam and rename it accordingly. Another high quality app by Jay Tuley the author of CD To which I reviewed in my last post.




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7 08 2007
Makalani Randall

I’ve got a question for you, not directly related to this specific post. [By the way, I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and I find it incredibly informative, well written, and nicely designed.]

I’m about the make the big leap to Linux from Windows. I was all but sold on Ubuntu until I tried to get my wireless card working while running the OS from the cd. After searching the documentation and a few forums I was thoroughly frustrated. Then I learned about MEPIS, another distro that seems to have a better track record working out of the box with wireless cards.

I wondered if you have any thoughts about how the two compare (Ubuntu and MEPIS), i.e., is it worth the headache to try to get my wireless working with Ubuntu? It appears that Ubuntu has a bigger following and more solid support community than MEPIS, but jeez, do I have a major pounding in my head after staring at this screen for like 12 straight hours trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing.

8 08 2007

Makalani – thanks for the comments! I’ve never used MEPIS, but I hear it is easier to setup than Ubuntu because all the drivers, configuration. etc is done for you. Wireless should work out of the box in Ubuntu if you have an Intel chipset. Intel has open source drivers so usually they work very well in Linux.

Since MEPIS is based on Ubuntu it should receive Ubuntu’s updates whenever a new version is released, so I think it would be a good way to go if you don’t want any hassles.

As a Windows convert, there was a slight learning curve, I was scared of editing config files, flying through the terminal etc. but its not so bad once you get the hang of it. Pretty soon you will be able to do more than you ever could. Good luck!

8 08 2007

I actually decided to give Ubuntu one more try. The thing that persuaded me was the support community (so large and enthusiastic), plus Ubuntu’s logo is the coolest!! (I would put a Ubuntu sticker on my laptop or wear the shirt, but the MEPIS logo is just so lame.)

Anyway, my problem was my Linksys wireless card, which I’ve learned is based on Broadcomm technology. After some searching of the Ubuntu forums I found a relatively simple fix involving extracting the firmware. And, yes, it did involve a lot of cutting and pasting into the terminal. Now my connection is almost twice as fast as it was using Windows XP!!

So yeah, I’m pumped, but it is obvious I have much to learn. Please keep the great posts coming; I really appreciate the software and tweak suggestions. Right now I’m going down the list of “10 Things To Do After You Install Ubuntu.” Especially thanks for the tip about Deluge (I was absolutely in love with uTorrent).

14 08 2007


As much as I like the concept of Linux and Open Source, I just can’t take all the extra work required to get the functionality I’m used to. It seems every time I want to install a new program or tweak it I have to become a computer programmer.

I just spent over an hour trying to figure out how to get my laptop sound to play louder and still haven’t figured it out. Just too much work. Maybe it’s the learning curve.

Going back to Windows. Maybe I’ll have better luck on a machine built specifically for Linux.

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