I Am The Automator

21 08 2007

Automator on OS X is sick. I’ve setup a few handy workflows that make my life a little bit easier. The less clicking I do, the happier I am (just check out my Firefox setup, I enabled time activated tabs). Here are some Finder Plugins via Automator Workflows that I created:

1. Copy to iTunes

This basically copies any folder(s)/file(s) you’ve selected and copies it to your iTunes Library. It then removes the original copy because who wants to have two copies of the same music? Saves a few clicks here and there.

2. Group

Sometimes when I have a lot of files that are related to each other and scattered across my desktop I tidy things up by grouping them into folders, this turns out to be a three click process. My Group plugin will automatically move selected files into a folder that you specify, which can be created on the fly or already existing.

Download the zip here.

If you want Finder to recognize these, drop them into Library > Workflows > Applications > Finder. I am the Automator. Hasta la vista baby.



One response

19 09 2007

just to note the “Download the zip here” URL Link don’t work…

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