Network a Mac with Windows

25 09 2007

Recently I decided I would connect my external hard-drive to a PC in my house so that I could access my music over the network as opposed to connecting it to my Macbook everytime I wanted to access music or movies. Lucky for me it’s incredibly easy to share files over the network between Windows and OS X:

  1. Enable Windows Sharing on the Mac Apple > System Preferences > Sharing > Check Windows Sharing
  2. Share a folder or a drive in Windows by right clicking > Properties > Sharing > Check Share Folder
  3. On the Mac, open up Finder and click on Go > Connect to Server…
  4. Enter smb://<your windows pc hostname>
  5. Now you can connect to any shared folder on your Windows machine, but how do we make sure it stays mounted? Simply go to Apple > System Preferences > Accounts > Logon Items > Add the shared volume

That was painless. For all tech readers this isn’t because Mac’s rule, its because of the Samba protocol which enables you to network different operating systems. Samba is now a part of Apple, but lets not forget its open-source roots.



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26 09 2007
27 11 2007

macs suck. everyone knows samba came from africa and popularized in brazil. but on a serious note, it is an excellent utility and really bridges the networking gap if you may, between macs and pcs. from file sharing to printing over the network, macs and pcs can coexist on a single home network if you have a cultural divide in the family with both macs and pcs present. clearly, little utilities like these will not end the hatred and segregation between these two rivaling lifestyles. Yet, it is a small step towards being able to sit in a coffee shop next to a fad driven white box.

25 03 2008

By the way there are those people who have vista. This procedure might work from mac to vista, but the other way around is quite different.

1. open a explorer window
2. type in \\ and a password prompt should appear
3. in the same put in: \account and in the password put the password of the account.

note this procedure has to be done for the other accounts, but if it is just a external hard drive or something than one account is fine

4 05 2008

sorry, but for my last reply in step 2 after the \\ are put in you are supposed to put the the ip address of the vista machine and before the \\ put :(eg :\\192.168.1.x).

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