SharePoint Sucks.

1 02 2008

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1 02 2008

Oh man, don’t even get me started. When I was still working at Intel, they wanted me to make a team webpage. I got right on that, because I like webdev stuff. So I made a sweet-looking page. I was all happy about it until they said I had to convert it to Sharepoint. I took a look at Sharepoint and I threw up in my mouth a little. It’s the worst piece of crap there is. Like you said, it doesn’t even do ajax right. It quite simply, sucks. There are way better alternatives. But like you said, too bad corporate america is stuck on that.

16 04 2008
Jim Goings

Aside from the “it’s a pain to work with factor”, it doesn’t even live up to it’s intended purpose, imo… social productvitity. Check out my post on that here:

26 04 2008

Who are these developers at Microsoft? looking at their products; crap like sharepoint they don’t even seem half intelligent. They are the crappiest coders I can imagine.

I get paid doing this sharepoint crap and what a waste of corporate time and money, I personally don’t care, f*ck my company and their like, but if it were my corporation I would be upset to see my developers building sharepoint based CMS. WTF, this thing is really useless crap.

Just look at the time it gets to install the server, what a fuck, I sometimes think Microsoft adds crap to their application because with their crap comes new technological terms, which developers have to learn in order to find work in this circle of corporations supporting eachothers ass.

7 05 2008

Did you manage to make RSS-feed update itself? I got that issue atm :/

22 05 2008

I have been pushing SharePoint until this point. In wss2 Microsoft did nothing short of encourage the customization of SharePoint, when v3 came out, what was their solution to migrate custom site definitions….they had none. Every bit of crap i read and try ends up in the same output. A site with semi 3.0 technology that looks like someone threw up on the page. I have been through 3 different engineers (re-ghosting, mapping, everything), i dont even know how much they have charged us for support and the same damn thing in the end….crap. As far as they are concerned if a document library has 3.0 technology then their agreement to migrate has been completed. I can’t hand this sh*t off to my customers. Thanks Microsoft, you have once again sh*t on one of your supporters. F you and your sh*tty engineers

26 06 2008

We can write one? Then kill MS with Innovation and Productivity 🙂

30 06 2008
Lotus Notes is a Piece of Sh!t « sheehantu

[…] thought Sharepoint was a headache. Welcome to Lotus Notes. If you do a google search you will see how many thousands of people think […]

24 09 2008

Once I got a look at SharePoint at the evil-empire, I thought how typical of Microsoft to tout something that is not just a nightmare, but ineffective. Microsoft doesn’t do any drug testing, so I’m guessing the goons who came up with this product were trippin’. I was in a team of about 12 people (all bright) and the team site was a mess. No one knew how to use SP. To ask for contributions to a file, people just sent the link via an emal, because it was impossible to find anything. And the permissions??? Geesh. Without site-managers, there really isn’t any point to SharePoint. There are way better content management tools – at least from the users perspective — like Drupal, Plone, etc. ** So for the average org – a big thumbs down – unless there is something in it they just can’t live without.

29 09 2008
Ed Lee

“Lotus Notes is a Piece of Sh!t”

Why bring Lotus Notes up?

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