My Suggestion To Microsoft To Make Windows Suck Less

28 02 2008

Give me a real shell.




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28 02 2008

So you’ve probably never heard of the Microsoft Power Shell, right!? Even though it is not fully acting like a linux shell, it is indeed interesting.

They even managed it, to offer a core version of their 2008 Server, that get’s installed without a xserver, oops i mean without a graphical user interface. Weird, isn’t it?

28 02 2008
Steven Richardson

I’m sorry, I guess I’m too much of a Linux newbie; what exactly is your suggestion? Over the years I have become so dependent upon GUIs, both in Windows and Linux, that I do not use the command line interface much anymore, so I do not understand your point on shells. Could you dumb it down for me? Thanks!

29 02 2008

I don’t oppose the GUI, in fact I am an OS X user by night and I don’t even touch the shell. The shell comes in handy when you need custom solutions like creating a backup script, editing system files, or even searching for files very quickly. etc. 99% of the population probably don’t even need a shell because they aren’t going to use it for these purposes. Would I recommend the shell to my grandma? No. It’s reserved for those who can utilize its true power. Once you realize the value of a good shell its hard to use a GUI as it slows things down.

24 03 2008

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