Democracy TV – Tivo for the Internet

27 05 2007

I spent my weekend watching tv shows on my computer using Democracy TV. I’ll cut down to the chase – Democracy is an open-source media player that allows you to subscribe to internet videos via RSS. This is great because now all of the videos you find on the internet can be viewed like an actual television set. Instead of clicking on links and watching videos, why not switch between channels (feeds) and use the same principle that made the television so popular? Setting up Democracy to watch your favorite shows is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Add the Democracy repository to your sources list and install:

deb edgy/o

2. Choose a show from tvRSS

Visit tvRSS and select a show that you want to subscribe to. Copy the RSS feed to your clipboard

3. Add RSS as a Channel

Copy the RSS feed for the show you selected into the Channel guide and start watching your favorite shows!

tvRSS is basically an RSS feed of tv shows that are available on the internet. Sort of like a tv guide for the internet. Democracy will go through your feed and download the tv shows via bit-torrent so that you can watch the shows at a later time. Sounds like Tivo for the internet no? Please excuse me while I finish watching the rest of The Office.


Note : The download link is a tarball which needs to be compiled from source. Democracy is also updated on a regular basis, so it would be best to follow the steps mentioned in this post to install the software.