I Am The Automator

21 08 2007

Automator on OS X is sick. I’ve setup a few handy workflows that make my life a little bit easier. The less clicking I do, the happier I am (just check out my Firefox setup, I enabled time activated tabs). Here are some Finder Plugins via Automator Workflows that I created:

1. Copy to iTunes

This basically copies any folder(s)/file(s) you’ve selected and copies it to your iTunes Library. It then removes the original copy because who wants to have two copies of the same music? Saves a few clicks here and there.

2. Group

Sometimes when I have a lot of files that are related to each other and scattered across my desktop I tidy things up by grouping them into folders, this turns out to be a three click process. My Group plugin will automatically move selected files into a folder that you specify, which can be created on the fly or already existing.

Download the zip here.

If you want Finder to recognize these, drop them into Library > Workflows > Applications > Finder. I am the Automator. Hasta la vista baby.

iEatBrainz – Automatically Tag Your MP3 Library By Sound

1 08 2007

Sure there are plenty of MP3 tagging programs out there. Most of them even check Amazon or Google and fix your tags for you. What sets iEatBrainz apart from the rest is that it actually submits your track to the EatBrainz music database and verifies you have the right song. It does acoustic sound matching so if you have an mp3 cryptically titled 01.mp3, iEatBrainz will figure out its really Black by Pearl Jam and rename it accordingly. Another high quality app by Jay Tuley the author of CD To which I reviewed in my last post.