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16 12 2008

Ladies and gentleman, I have launched a new website The IT Report ( which will cover a broad range of technology topics. Please subscribe to this new site, since I will not be updating this one anymore.

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8 08 2008

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WTF – Stop with the image verifications!

20 03 2008

Can you read that? I can’t.

.NET vs. J2EE – Butter or Guns?

5 03 2008

This post is now available on my new blog The IT Report:—butter-or-guns

My Suggestion To Microsoft To Make Windows Suck Less

28 02 2008

Give me a real shell.


PowerPoint isn’t just for presentations

15 02 2008

I’ve found time and time again that Powerpoint isn’t being used as just a presentation medium. Have you ever thought about using Powerpoint to prototype your software or a webpage? Maybe create flow charts?Let’s face it, there are prototyping software out there, but it costs a fortune, and there is always a learning curve. I think Powerpoint sucks as slideshow, but when you want to rapidly mock up diagrams its pretty simple out of the box. Some may argue, “thats what Visio is for” but when your company only has an Office License (Visio doesn’t come standard) what are you going to do?Next time you open up Powerpoint, rethink what you can do with it. 

SharePoint Sucks.

1 02 2008

This post is available on my new blog The IT Report: